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Some Alternative Oils For Cooking

For such a long time I always use my frying oil. First I thought I am going to be very safe as long as I buy the premium one. But that is not the case when I see a television show where they show us some dangerous of using this oil in such a great amount. I decided to check the internet and see more information about it. It comes very true and then I decided to decrease my usage of using this oil not only for me, but also my family. We find some good alternative oils which are good.

If you are still using of your old oils then you should really read our article because we are going to show you another alternative of them.  You probably do not know that there are so many good alternative oils that you could try for cooking. What is bothering yourself of getting new oil since you could use the old one? The answer is because of healthy.  The oil that we usually use is actually not really that healthy and there is chance you are going to get some bad cholesterol if you eat it too much. I am pretty sure that you do not want it happens to you. These are some alternative oils that you could try at your home.

Avocado Oil

I actually do not really know about this case at first. First I thought that avocado is only good when you eat it row or mix it with your juice. Avocado is also could be a very good oil which is pretty good for our body.  There are not too many things that you have to know. You could just use it with your salmon and then cook it for around 450 degrees or you could just simply use it on your meat and you are ready to go.  I basically love to use this one as my alternative for my meat on my charcoal smoker. Luckily I do not have any different taste because of this thing. The taste is much similar and it is almost the entirely similar.

Sesame Oil

This oil is pretty good for our body because it is working really well on pressing or lowering our blood pressure.  This oil is best when you are putting on your noodle or your sautéed vegetables.  The oil might be not too suitable for all types of foods, but this one is still good as one of the best alternative oils.

Grapeseed Oil

This oil is actually not easy to be found, but this one is really working on adding of extra flavor to our food.  The grapeseed oil is very rich of Vitamin E and omega 6 which is pretty good to our body.  Keep in mind that the oil is containing much fat, so it is not too recommended for smoking of your meat. It is only good if you want to add extra flavor to your vegetables. 

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil seems to be very popular among the people for this case.  This oil is really good as the substitute because many researchers believe that the saturated on this oil is not that bad in comparable on what find on the meat.  The saturated might be not as high of the normal frying oil, but it is considerably high. Do not worry because it is still normal for our body to be accepted. There are some good things that you could do with this oil.  First, you can make some popcorn with it. The taste would not be so different and you are not going to notice it at all.  Second, you could use it to baking and sautéing of your food.  The taste of this oil is much similar to what we find on vanilla and you could easily store this oil anywhere you want.

Pistachio Oil

You are going to be surprise on how garnish your food going to be when you using this kind of oil.  The oil is perfect for any dish including for grilling fish, steaming vegetables, mashing potatoes and some other dish.  The oil might be not as delicious like any other oil on this list, but you would get some bonuses here since the oil is containing less cholesterol.  You could get tasty food and the health for your body at the same time.

Final Thought

There are so many good alternatives oil that you would use as the alternative.  Some of them from this list are also good to be tasted.  I do not have reference for you, but you could try it based on your food that you are going to get. From there, you could decide which oil is perfect for your food.  I hope you would make some good food from using it.

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