Should I Skip Iphone 7?

iphone 7

We must kbow that every Apple product always becoming so popular in the market. We never see decreasing in the demang of latest products. Me its also feel really good to see their product since the uqality and feature itself is really top notch. They always use the top material that they could find to make their phone more awesome and they also do the same thing with feature. Every year they introduce the new feature that makes our job or making list easier to do. There is a price that we need to pay in order to get this huge thing. Yeah, I guess there are so many people that feel their prices for their products are too over pricy. I ever see someone from Youtube analyze the every component on their device and see that all of components are not even the half price for their price tag. It means that the company almost gets double profit for their sale. Actually we could not only count the price of components, but we also have to count the development hardware cost, the marketing, and even the salary of their worker. All of those things need money to do.

For the first time, I really worry about their new product, for me it seems that they lose their magic in creating appealing product. I guess this is the effect of Steve Job missing. Everything is changed after Job is gone.  And this also the first time I skip their product because i am not too interested on what they are bringing. The missing of 3.5 mm jack is one of my biggest problems. Why? Because I need to buy a new headphone where I have so many of them at home and there is no reason for me to buy a new one.  We can make it possible by using type C converter, but there are some sorts limitations that is available. For example, you would not be able to charge the phone while using it because there is only one way to connect it. It’s must be pretty tough for some people like me.  That is my only concern about it and the only reason why I keep away from it. You must also have many reasons to not or to buy this device. It’s really back to your need on deciding if it’s good or not for you and that is only my suggestion. Feel free to comment below.
By Admin Last updated: 1 June 2017, 21:45

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