5 Best Quality Lenovo All in One Desktops Gaming

Lenovo is one of the most popular brands of electronic products today. They produce so many computers for gaming, including all in one computers. In fact, all in one model becomes one of the most favorite options by most people. If you want to buy a Lenovo all in one desktop, it should be adjusted to your purpose. You should also consider your budget to buy it. So, in this article, I will give you some recommended computers with all in one model from Lenovo. You can compare these ideas below and choose the most appropriate one for you.
Lenovo Ideacentre AIO 700

Cheap gaming pc

It can be considered as one of the most recommended ideas for you because of some reasons related to the review below. Starts from the performance, it is affected by the processor used that is the sixth generation of Intel Core i5 6400 Smart dual core. This processor offers four-way processing high performance. It also comes with Intel Turbo Boost tech that can generate extra power. It also improves the energy efficiency when you do not use this all in one computer gaming pc under 300 dollars.
For the screen, it has 23.8 inches of the size that will be ideal and comfortable to use. The screen also applies 10 point of capacitive multitouch system. The Windows 10 of operating system makes this PC very enjoyable for everyone. To provide high quality display, it is featured with 4K UHD with 3840 x 2160 pixels. This resolution can bring everything to life. In addition, it also uses LED backlit for optimum display quality. You also should thank to its 8 GB of RAM that will be great for multitasking. In addition, it also comes with 2 in one hybrid hard disk drive with 1 TB of capacity.

Lenovo C260 57331851 All in One PC
You can also consider this all in one PC. Priced less than $ 800, this computer will not make you disappointed. It can be seen from the specs below. Firstly, it relates to the processor used. This computer is powered by Intel Celeron J1800. This processor is able to provide powerful performance so that it can support your purpose. It offers 2.41 GHz processor speed that is useful for optimal performance. For the operating system, this all in one PC uses Windows 10 so that it feels enjoyable to use.
The RAM is also helpful to provide high performance. This all in one PC will not slow down even though you use it for multitasking because it has 4 GB of RAM. The capacity of hard drive is also spacious with 500 GB. It functions to save many files in your computer. Based on the screen size, it comes in 19.5 inches. This screen is ideal for many purposes. Even more, it also applies Intel GH graphics so that the quality of images is really high.
Lenovo B50-30 Multi-Touch All in One PC
Comes with black color, it looks very elegant. It is very comfortable and enjoyable because this all in one PC applies multi touch system. This screen size also has an important role to make it comfortable. Besides, this PC is featured with many interesting features such as DVD Rambo Drive, NVIDIA GeForce 804, Intel 3D camera, and some other sophisticated features. For the price, it is also reasonable with less than $ 1000.
In relation to the performance, you need to thank to its processor used that is Intel Core i7 4790S. Paired with 3.20 GHz processor speed, it can provide very high performance so that this PC will not slow down even though you use it for hard games or apps. Besides, it also comes with 16 GB of RAM as well as 2 TB of hard disk. The storage memory above is very useful to install many games, apps, etc you want. It also keeps this PC cool and smooth even though you use it for multitasking. Considering the specs above, this all in one PC is recommended so much for you.
Lenovo ThinkCentre M93z AIO 10AF0003US
You can also consider this option. Considering the price that is more than $ 2000, it is reasonable that this all in one PC becomes one of the best choices. However, the high price offers you satisfying specs. In fact, this PC guarantees 100 percent of satisfaction. That is why it is also called an excellent product of all in one PC. It offers premium quality that can answer why you need to spend much money for this computer.
For the screen, it comes in 23 inches. This large screen is very comfortable for any purpose. Besides that, it uses Intel Core i5 4570S that is very powerful. Paired with 2.9 GHz of processor speed, this PC can generate very high performance. You can also enjoy installing games and apps because it offers 8 GB of RAM. In addition, the hard drive offered capacity is also very spacious with 500 GB. It also applies various interesting features that will not make you bored. Overall, what it offers are really satisfying.
Lenovo ThinkCentre E63Z 10E00027US
Lenovo gaming pc under 300
This is another best option that you can choose. This becomes one of the most favorite all in one PCs from Lenovo with inexpensive price because it is priced less than $ 500. So, you need to know its review first before buying it. Starts from the processor, It uses Intel Core i3 4005U. Besides that, it also comes with 1.7 GHz processor speed. This processor relates to the performance where it can provide powerful performance.
If you usually use a PC for multitasking or heavy games, apps, etc, this all in one PC can run smoothly and will not slow down because of its RAM that has 4 GB of capacity. You also need to thank to its hard disk drive that has 500 GB of capacity. The image quality is also very high because this 19.5 inch screen applies Intel HD graphics. The Windows 7 Pro also makes this Lenovo all in one desktop more enjoyable.

Lenovo all in one desktop best for you are Lenovo Ideacentre AIO 700, Lenovo C260 57331851, Lenovo B50-30 Multi-Touch, Lenovo ThinkCentre M93z AIO 10AF0003US, & Lenovo ThinkCentre E63Z 10E00027US.
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