2 in 1 laptop: Convertible Vs. Hybrid – Which One You will Take

Laptop takes important role in this modern era. Instead of Personal Computer or PC, laptop can work faster. It is slim and lightweight. It is also more portable and practical as you can bring and work with it everywhere you are. Moreover, laptop can perform any computing operation faster. It can connect to the nearest available Wi-Fi. That’s why laptop becomes an inevitable part in people’s modern business. Lately, laptop has the newest innovation; that is 2 in 1 laptop. Do you know this innovation? 2 in 1 laptop refers to a unique combination of tablets and laptop. Can you imagine how it will be? The screen can be released as a tablet. Superb! Moreover, this innovation is supported by the best operating system: Windows 8. Even though it cannot take the whole role of PC, 2 in 1 laptop performance can be a better solution. Let’s learn more about the features of this amazing innovation.

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Convertible Best 2 in 1 Laptops
Basically, there are two types of best 2 in 1 laptops widely-available in the recent market: convertibles and hybrids. Two of them share some similarities and differences. The convertible one is a laptop which screen can be swiveled or flipped back then it can be used as a tablet. Its keyboard and screen never detach. However, the touchscreen technology is applied here that you can use it as a tablet.

Convertible: Pros Vs. Cons
Convertible 2 in 1 laptop has good keyboard base. It follows the standard laptop ideals. You have the powerful laptop processors of Intel. This thing makes convertible better than hybrid. Moreover, convertible is elegant and thin. All thanks to its screen that lets you need not to pack any hardware. It also follows an ultrabook’s aesthetics for its full aluminum bodies. It is cumbersome and awesome for its functionality. Unfortunately, it is more bulky and heavy than the usual tablet.

Hybrid 2 in 1 Laptop
On the other hand, according to 2 in 1 laptop buying guideyou can completely detach hybrid laptop’s screen from its keyboard base. You can use its screen as a standalone touchscreen tablet. It is completed by battery source and USB ports for its proper keyboard. Hybrid’s battery works at its best. The docked keyboard and the tablet base are completed by a built-in battery. It means hybrid has two batteries that lengthen the whole battery life of this uniquely-combined device. The battery power and life make it better than convertibles when they have the similar price range. Moreover, most hybrids are supportive for Android phone-like USB cable. It means you can connect it with your USB type C.

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Hybrid: Pros Vs. Cons
Moreover, you can fully use hybrid’s screen as a proper tablet whether you attach it to its keyboard or not. It can be a good solution if you have to keep working while you are on a trip. Besides, buying hybrid as the best 2 in 1 laptop can mean buying two devices with one price. It is more economical that you can save more money after buying hybrid laptop. It is such a helpful device. Unfortunately, you cannot edit image, gaming, or any other major multi-tasks with hybrid. It is because its lightweight and battery-efficiency. So, basically hybrids are only good for basic tasks like Office job, or internet browsing.
The other contra of hybrid 2 in 1 laptop performance is it lacks of tablet applications than iOS or Android. It doesn’t have many major games or application. As it has dual role: as tablet and laptop, it cannot fully play the role. You can hardly have a great laptop experience or fantastic tablet experience with hybrid. However, you still can do some activities with hybrid such as watching movies, browsing, or reading. Just be wise in using this device.

Recommended Convertible and Hybrid Devices
At this point, you have learnt some things to consider before buying this2 in 1 laptop. Now, you may get confused to decide which one you will buy. Let’s take a look back at your circumstances and requirements. If you are looking for travelling companion or you want to have both a windows laptop and a tablet within a budget, hybrids can be your choices. It can work as 40% tablet and the rest is laptop. Here are our recommended hybrid devices: Dell Latitude 13 7000 with 13.3” screen and $900 price range, Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi with Intel ® CoreTM M 5Y10 Processor, and Asus Transformer T100 with $270 price range and Intel Bay Trail-T Z3735F 1.33GHz.

If you are a professional and needs more horsepower to finish your work on laptop and want to feel tablet’s convenience once in a device, convertible are great option based on this 2 in 1 laptop buying guide. It can work 85% as laptop and 15% as tablet. Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro with Intel Core 5Y70 Broadwell Processor and $1,200 price range, Acer Aspire R 13 that is completed with Intel Core i%-4210U and Asus Flip Convertible that ranges in $440 are some recommended convertibles.

Other Recommended Hybrid and Convertible 2 in 1 Laptops: Supportive for Android and iOS

microsoft book 2 in 1 laptop

There is also another best 2 in 1 laptop option that you may take a look. It is Microsoft Surface Pro 3 or people may know it as Hybrid Lites. What is it? And what makes it different? It is a tablet that is completed with a soft keyboard. Since there is not any extra connectivity port or its own battery, we cannot mention Microsoft Surface Pro 3 as a proper hybrid. Besides, it can hardly prop up as it is not stable enough. However, it cannot be mentioned as a laptop too, right?

Furthermore, both hybrids and convertibles are supportive for various operating systems. It is not only windows that can be applied in 2 in 1 laptop performance. There are some 2 in 1 laptops that are supportive for android or iOS. For example, it is Asus Transformer Pad that works along Android. Its price ranges from $300. Asus Chromebook Flip is a convertible laptop that runs Android and its apps as well. It is a capable and amazing computer too. iPad Pro and Google Pixel C are available as well.

Finally, you have learnt and understood how amazing 2 in 1 laptop is. It can play dual role that suits your requirements and circumstances. Just be wise and considerable when you are about to buy it. Choose wisely: hybrids or convertibles. 2 in 1 laptops are here for those who want more flexibility, portability, practicality and others in one simple package.

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