By friendlydog • INFORMATION!, MEDIA! • 13 Jul 2013

THE “LITTLE GIRLS TRAINING EDITION” a.k.a the stillborn iOS version (for aspiring commissars)!

Knowing that Apple would never tolerate this game, I modified my game for Apple’s somewhat untraceable approval ruling. In this heavily censored version I tried to tone down the obvious violence without giving up on the concept of the game. And so I came up with the “Little Girls Edition”: All enemies have been replaced with dummies (filled with urine, of course) – no humans actually die or get harmed in this version of the game.
All blood FX are thus, erm, yellow. The gameplay, however, remains the same.
I do realise that a major component of the concept is thus missing – however, a new element is added (Because the plump censorship itself is hilarious from a cynical perspective).

Even though rejected by Apple, this version lives on as the Android smartphone version – which is out now. ( also because it actually plays better than the bloody Android tablet version – from a gameplay and user interface perspective. Mainly because of the more distinguishable colouring of the enemies.)
If anyone wants to play this game hardcore style (aiming for the end that is), I’d recommend trying this version.

Here’s a screenshot from the defunct iOS version. (All Korean characters have been gibberished).

Training Edition

The Divine Leader has been made “unrecognizable” through cunning use of disguise.

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